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Precision Measuring Equipment & Ukas Calibration 

Digital Measuring Calipers, Vernier Calipers, Digital Micrometers, Tesa Micro Hite, Mitutoyo Height gauge for Sale & More

Metrology & Quality Services are your go to store for precision measurement and calibration equipment. Based in the UK, we can supply our products to customers both within the UK and worldwide.

Our extensive range of measuring calipers includes digital, dial and vernier calipers from leading manufacturers such as Mitutoyo, Tesa, Starrett and Mahr. We also provide digital micrometers, hardness testers, levels and a host of gauges, scales and digital readouts. We also specialise in Vision CMM's from Ram optical products part of the QVI group

We offer a wide selection of sizes, styles and graduations. If you have specialised requirements, please let us know and we will help you find the most cost effective solution.

At Metrology & Quality Services, the customer is paramount. If it’s pinpoint accuracy you need, then we can help. Whatever your requirement, from vernier calipers to automated vision systems, we can provide the solution with our vast experience and far-reaching connections in the field of precision measuring and calibration instrumentation. Give us a call today on 01438 900 080.

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